SRT Buidling Systems Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of providing high quality steel roof products and services, complimentary building products for residential and non residential projects. We are the leader of manufacturer, supplier and skilled fabricator using cold-formed steel roof trusses in developing roof truss systems to cater for medium to high-end projects. We are undoubtedly positioned as the one-stop steel roofing solution to developers, contractors, consultants, designers and private owners and our in depth experience and expertise in this area has enabled us to customize these brands and beyond to meet your requirements. Using products of the highest quality, we provide the best in steel roofing and accessories. Our services include delivery, installation and maintenance throughout Malaysia.

Quality service is our hallmark. Our roofing products are based on the concept of safety, stability and strong in design roof truss systems. SRT expert in design roof truss systems giving customer cost effectiveness analysis, concerning green environment and customer satisfaction. With our years of extensive experience, we provide our customers excellent support in terms of business expertise, technical support and comprehensive array of value-added services.

We believe strongly in understanding the needs of the trade professional and our business is developed specifically to meet those demands - massive stocks, top quality products, competitive pricing, reliable delivery, specialist staff and exceptional customer service.

Besides trusses, our company also manufacture various range of steel pallet products. For further details of our pallet products, please visit